About Us

Brooklyn Barn is black owned online brand apparel and accessory line created by visual artist Derolus the PhIllustrator. It began as a vehicle wherein his artwork would be seen, but soon evolved into an avenue by which to spread much needed positivity, primarily to those of African descent. Brooklyn Barn is a brand that encourages people to be the best version of themselves.

Marcus Garvey once said, "..if Black people knew their glorious past, then they would be more inclined to respect themselves.." 

Here at Brooklyn Barn, we believe that if people knew or at least were more aware of who GOD created them to be, then they would be more inclined to not only respect themselves but other people as well. So, you will see a lot of positive images and messages in our products and styles supporting that narrative. 

We look to speak to the purpose and identity of every individual through the eyes of GOD while reminding all those that they are deemed royal, exceptional, and priceless in HIS eyes. 

The name Brooklyn Barn speaks to where the idea of the company originated, and the fact that we look to inspire a Bold-Afro-Royal-Nation.